What is Isıcam?

Isıcam brand is the name given to Şişecam's double-insulated glass. Produced by Isıcam Authorized Manufacturers who have been audited regularly by Şişecam and fulfilled the conditions of authorized production by Şişecam Flat Glass.


Isıcam Systems

  • Glass and other materials used in quality and quality in accordance with the quality standards,
  • It is the guarantee that production is made in modern facilities and using new technologies.

In addition, Isıcam is guaranteed for 10 years against defects due to production, and is delivered with a warranty certificate..

Insulating Glass Systems, depending on the characteristics of the glass used;; 

  • Thermal insulation
  • Sunlight control
  • Sound and noise control
  • Safety and security

one or all of its properties; C, S and K series are available with selectable additional features. 

Isıcam Sistemleri C Serisi Isıcam Systems C Series

Isıcam brand is produced with the assurance of the standard level of insulation and provides the series.

Isıcam Sistemleri S Serisi Isıcam Systems S Series

It is produced by using Şişecam's Low-E heat control coated heaters. Saves energy by reducing fuel costs. 

Isıcam Sistemleri K Serisi Isıcam Systems K Series

Produced by using Solar Low-E lenses which provide both heat and solar control, Şişecam provides 50% more heat insulation than ordinary double glazing. In the winter as well as fuel savings in summer also reduces air conditioning costs.